Terms of Service

General Information:

Provided below are the Terms of Services (further referred to as “Terms”) which outline the list of policies and terms utilized at GoldSink and/or its affiliated companies (hereafter referred to as “GoldSink). By creating an account and/or placing an order at our website, you express your explicit consent and agreement to these terms.

Service description:

We provide middle manning service between video game players who are willing to sell and video game players who are willing to buy virtual in-game currencies. We do not hold or own any in-game currencies ourselves.

Personal Information and Sensitive Data:

In order to ensure and improve the quality of provided services, GoldSink may collect, store and use personal information, which includes, but is not limited to:

You agree that your information, related to the categories outlined above, shall not be any of the following:

Any information you are additionally requested to submit shall be provided via means specified by an authorized GoldSink representative. GoldSink shall not be held liable for any possible data breach should you provide the requested information by any means of transfer not provided by a GoldSink authorized representative.


You agree that when using GoldSink.com, you are complying with all your local laws. All relevant taxes must be paid in full accordance with the law. You agree that GoldSink cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss.

Product Descriptions:

GoldSink ensures that our product descriptions are coherent, clear, and accurate. You may contact our authorized representative via our Live Chat at the bottom right of our page and request additional information and an explanation about the provided services. Should you deem the descriptions of the products or services inaccurate or misleading at any point before the merchandise has been delivered, you are entitled to request a refund. However, you agree that your participation I the process of an order that was delivered shall constitute consent that the product descriptions were accurate. Delivered orders therefore shall not be subject to disputes related to merchandise or services not matching their original description.

Refund Policy:

Should you decide to cancel the delivery of your order, you may request a refund at any point prior to delivery. However, payments for orders which were successfully delivered shall not be refunded for any reason. In addition, GoldSink also reserves the right to refuse service, if deemed necessary, and refund any relevant transactions. Refund details and relevant timeframes shall be provided by an authorized GoldSink representative that can be contacted via our 24/7 Customer Service Live Chat.

For customer service inquiries or disputes, you may contact us by email at [email protected]